T20 Training Schedule 2017

The Ann Morrison Park Cricket Ground is currently available for training as follows. Further dates will be added as they become available.

Players – please check with your captain each week to confirm day and start/end times.

DayDateTeamPitch Availability
Wednesday19 JulyFirebirdsAll day
Thursday20 JulyKnightsAll day
Friday21 JulyBCC TeamAll day
Monday24 JulyLionsAll day
Tuesday25 JuneFirebirdsAll day
Wednesday26 JulyKnightsAll day
Thursday27 JulyTitansAll day
Friday28 JulyStarsAll day
Monday31 JulyLionsTBC
Tuesday01 AugustStarsTBC
Wednesday02 AugustTitansTBC
Thursday03 AugustFirebirdsTBC
Friday04 AugustKnightsTBC
Monday07 AugustKnightsTBC
Tuesday08 AugustStarsTBC
Wednesday09 AugustFirebirdsTBC
Thursday10 AugustLionsTBC
Friday11 AugustTitansTBC
Monday14 AugustStarsTBC
Tuesday15 AugustKnightsTBC
Wednesday16 AugustTitansTBC
Thursday17 AugustFirebirdsTBC
Friday18 AugustLionsTBC