FULL BCC Member – incl T20



You can still:

– Register as a Playing Member – Limited, which will allow you to participate in inter-club / inter-city matches and other BCC tournaments and events, and join the standby list for T20 League.


Full 2017 BCC and T20 League player registration & team shirt. 

Total price comprises $65 registration fee and $20 for T20 playing shirt.

See Product Description below for full details.

Please select your shirt size and type your name or nickname as you would like it to appear on the back of your shirt. Please complete other fields as required.

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Full 2017 BCC and T20 League player registration.

This includes everything you have come to expect from previous seasons:

  1. Your registration for the T20 League and inclusion in the team draft
  2. Eligibility to represent BCC in inter-club games (leather and tennis ball)
  3. Participation in training, coaching, practice matches
  4. Voting rights for EC/BoD elections
  5. Eligibility to be an office bearer

Changes since last year:

  1. We’re no longer charging a $20 drinks fee up front. Team captains will organize drinks and collect payments if necessary
  2. Final price includes your custom 2017 T20 player shirt
  3. You have the opportunity to purchase additional shirts (for family & friends) at the reduced price of $20 each ($22 in previous years)

The Legal Stuff (in plain English):

  1. We all know that cricket is a sport, and playing sport carries certain inherent risks. Equipment sometimes breaks. Injuries sometimes occur. By registering, training, and/or playing with, for, or against Boise Cricket Club, you agree to indemnify Boise Cricket Club (including players and staff) against any injuries or losses you incur.
  2. If you register and pay on time for the 2017 T20 League, you are guaranteed a place in the 2017 player draft, and inclusion on a team list. We’re an inclusive club, and will do our best to ensure everyone – regardless of experience or skill – gets a fair go. To increase your chance of playing as many games as possible, it is your responsibility to attend training and communicate your availability for selection to your team captain.
  3. Selection for BCC representative inter-club matches (i.e. against teams from other cities) is largely merit-based. Registration doesn’t guarantee you will play representative matches. You should attend as many training and coaching sessions as possible, to showcase and improve your skills.