Neutral Umpires for T20

Update: Full T20 fixture (including umpiring teams) is here:

BCC has implemented a ‘neutral umpire’ policy for T20 League matches.

Each team will be expected to provide umpires for games that team is not playing in.

The great news is, we have once again secured ‘thank you’ vouchers for our umpires. You might be neutral, but you’ll still be getting paid. Details to follow.

Umpires provide a great service to the club, and help keep league matches as fair as possible. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, and helps you develop invaluable skills. BCC will be working with our umpires to help them develop a greater understanding of the game and the laws of cricket. Plus – you get a sneak peak at the opposition, from the best position on the field!

Please check the match fixtures to see which team is responsible for providing umpires for which games, and chat with your captain if you’re interested.