About Us

Boise Cricket Club was officially founded during late 2007, and elected it’s first office-bearers for its administration. The first project for the then-officers was to make the transformation from a make-shift, pick-up cricket form into becoming more of a permanent entity in this community with its own cricket field. Thanks to the help and generosity from the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, Boise Cricket Club (BCC) has its own official cricket-pitch to play hard leather ball cricket at the beautiful Ann Morrison Park, Boise.

Since then, BCC has grown leaps and bounds. Our players registration has increased significantly. We have about 100 players in our club and together with their families we are well over 350. Our cricket fraternity is growing within this sports-loving community. BCC has been fortunate enough to also have the support coming from the local press as we have some very good news reports & video interviews published to the public.


Our mission is to Promote and Develop cricket amongst the local population through coaching, organization an competition. We are fully committed and dedicated to have the right vision to ensure that we can fulfill our mission.

BCC has also appointed 1. Executive Committee 2. Board of Directors, to protect the mission and also to execute on the vision.