Neutral Umpires for T20

Update: Full T20 fixture (including umpiring teams) is here:

BCC has implemented a ‘neutral umpire’ policy for T20 League matches.

Each team will be expected to provide umpires for games that team is not playing in.

The great news is, we have once again secured ‘thank you’ vouchers for our umpires. You might be neutral, but you’ll still be getting paid. Details to follow.

Umpires provide a great service to the club, and help keep league matches as fair as possible. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, and helps you develop invaluable skills. BCC will be working with our umpires to help them develop a greater understanding of the game and the laws of cricket. Plus – you get a sneak peak at the opposition, from the best position on the field!

Please check the match fixtures to see which team is responsible for providing umpires for which games, and chat with your captain if you’re interested.

T20 Training Schedule 2017

The Ann Morrison Park Cricket Ground is currently available for training as follows. Further dates will be added as they become available.

Players – please check with your captain each week to confirm day and start/end times.

DayDateTeamPitch Availability
Wednesday19 JulyFirebirdsAll day
Thursday20 JulyKnightsAll day
Friday21 JulyBCC TeamAll day
Monday24 JulyLionsAll day
Tuesday25 JuneFirebirdsAll day
Wednesday26 JulyKnightsAll day
Thursday27 JulyTitansAll day
Friday28 JulyStarsAll day

BCC is going to Utah!


We will post details about transportation shortly. In the meantime, please register your interest for either or both games.

All BCC Playing Members are eligible for selection. Simply complete the form below




T20 League – standby list

We are temporarily re-opening player registrations, to top up some teams.

We recommend you sign up for a Limited Playing Membership, and indicate that you wish to be placed on the T20 League standby list.

A limited number of players will be drafted into T20 teams prior to the start of the T20 League season. If you want a chance to play the full season, we recommend registering as soon as possible.

Those not drafted into a T20 team this time around will still be playing members, and therefore eligible for selection in inter-club and intra-club matches, and also remain on the T20 standby list for possible mid-season draft.

Cric7 Update

Cric7 Update

The weather man is promising a perfect weekend for cricket.

Men’s Cric7 – please register your teams by this Thursday 20 April (tournament date Saturday 22 April).
Women’s Cric7 – please register your teams by this Friday 21 April (tournament date Sunday 23 April).

If you haven’t yet found a team, but still want to play, please register now and we will find a team for you.
Men’s Cric7 Registration
Women’s Cric7 Registration

T20 League Update

Having five T20 teams for the first time has presented us with some unique challenges and opportunities, especially in terms of scheduling. For Season 2017, we have decided to split in-season matches into two stages:

Stage One
Every team plays every other team once, fighting for points which will determine ranking.

Stage Two
Teams will play off, depending on their ranking from Stage One.

At the conclusion of Stage Two, the top two sides will play a Final.

T20 matches are now listed in our BCC calendar.
Weekday training schedule will be released ASAP.

Cric7 Returns to Boise!

The ever-popular Cric7 Tournament is returning to Boise.

The Men’s tournament will take place on Saturday April 22, followed by the Women’s tournament on Sunday April 23.

Team registration is now open
If you already have already picked a team, you can register it now.
Register for Men’s Cric7
Register for Women’s Cric7

Don’t have a team, but still want to play? Email us.

More details below…


History of Cric7
Cric7 is a cricket tournament format that has been very popular in Sri Lanka for several years. The aim is to ensure that matches are quick, hence every team gets to play plenty of cricket during this all day event.

BCC first introduced a men’s Cric7 tournament in 2010. In 2016, BCC took the initiative to introduce the Cric7 to our women cricketers, which proved to be an overwhelming success.

Tournament Format
We play a round-robin format, so every team gets a good chance to show off (or improve) their skills.

Cric7 is played with hard tennis ball, rather than a leather cricket ball. It is considered very safe for beginners and players of all skill levels.

With 7 players on field (rather than the usual 11), it is always a challenge for the captain to place their fielders in the right areas. Matches are generally high scoring, and therefore more entertaining for spectators. Cric7 is also unique in that only 5 balls are bowled per over.

Practice / Training
Prior to the event, BCC will dedicate 1-2 hours of practice/training sessions for those that want a free crash course on what cricket is all about and also try some batting and bowling. Training session will also include some physical conditioning workouts to make it even more fun.

Matches will be broadcast live via Youtube and/or Facebook.

New BCC Site

Welcome to the new Boise Cricket Club web site. We’re working hard to back-fill it with competition, team, and player stats from previous seasons. We hope you enjoy it.